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Decoding Airline Fare Classes to Make the Most of Your Miles
How about an X or a Z? When you browse for flights on an airline's website, assorted letters appear in your search results. Travelers often miss them. Or see them but don't factor them into their decision about which flight to choose. But these letters …
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OPINION: Diversity in airline leadership brings success
These are in many ways fine times for airlines – profit margins and load factors are high and fuel costs low. But this rosy picture is uneven: some operators are faring much better than others and, to prosper in an increasingly uncertain and globalised …
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Allegiant Air's COO resigns unexpectedly from the Las Vegas airline
Steven E. Harfst, 52, a former Navy fighter pilot with nearly three decades of experience in the aviation industry, had worked at Allegiant for a little more than a year and had been the most prominent executive at the airline behind its CEO, Maurice …

New Canadian discount airline could poach Buffalo travelers
A new ultra low-cost airline is being launched in Canada. It will offer cheap fares for travel across Canadian destinations. But it's not good news for some airports in mid-size American cities near the border. Now, those airports have been given a …
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Two United Airlines investors raise stakes to influence company
United Continental Holdings Inc (UAL.N) said on Tuesday two investment firms raised their stakes in the airline to engage it on issues ranging from board composition to capital structure and enhancing shareholder value. United, the second largest U.S …
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American Airlines Pilot Union Leader Blasts 'Culture Gone Awry' After US
The president of the American Airlines pilots union is blasting the airline for an “on the cheap” philosophy, and ranking it below Delta and United for employee relations, after a series of contractual disputes. “We have all witnessed a culture gone …
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American Airlines: 7 hospitalized after severe turbulence aboard flight to Italy
(CNN) Severe turbulence aboard an American Airlines flight carrying 203 people to Italy left seven people hospitalized, the airline said. American Airlines said Flight 206 from Miami to Milan landed safely Sunday night in Newfoundland, Canada, where it …
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Wings clipped as China Eastern Airline planes collide on Shanghai airport runway

Wings clipped as China Eastern Airline planes collide on Shanghai airport runway
Two China Eastern Airline planes were involved in a collision that left their wings clipped at the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport at about noon on Wednesday. READ MORE: Passengers bumped off Chinese airlines flight angry over offer equivalent …
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Ex-Alaska Airlines Employee Arrested, Charged on Suspicion of Piloting
After landing in Orange County, Arnston was selected for a random drug test by the airline, the statement said. An Alaska Airlines technician administered two tests to the pilot, with results indicating a blood alcohol concentration of 0.134 percent …
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Airlines to test flier loyalty with perk changes
Early boarding privileges, waived checked bag fees, free flights and upgrades from the back of the plane to the front are just some of the benefits air travelers have come to expect from airline loyalty programs. Yet program changes rolled out last …
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Airlines' fuel price bets not always paying off
In the poker game of predicting fuel prices, American Airlines has shown it holds the winning hand. American, which reports its earnings Friday, is one of the few airlines that hasn't been paying a premium to lock in fuel prices, preferring instead to …
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Check airline's fine print before taking it to task
Q: I have a dispute with United Airlines that I hope you can help me with. I recently flew from Venice, Italy, to Miami in business class. I paid for my ticket with mileage rewards. The day before I was to leave Venice, I learned of a better itinerary …
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Airline complaints up, even as more flights arrive on time
U.S. airlines are doing better at staying on schedule than a year ago, but more passengers are filing complaints against the carriers. Hawaiian Airlines and Delta Air Lines topped the on-time rankings for November, according to the U.S. Department of …
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Airline loyalty strategies that no longer fly
Program trends have made it tougher to rack up miles and points. American Airlines recently announced it would join Delta and United in awarding miles based on fare rather than distance flown, with the new program expected to be in place sometime this …
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Airline: Wanna work for us? That'll be
Spanish low-cost airline Air Europa Express is under fire for charging job candidates a fee to submit their applications for positions with the carrier and a subsequent interview. The cost? Sixty euros ($ 65) for 100 pilot and 150 cabin crew positions …
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Attack of the Airline Fees: 3 Fees You Might Expect in the Not-So-Distant Future

Attack of the Airline Fees: 3 Fees You Might Expect in the Not-So-Distant Future
"Airline profits are soaring — but it's not good news for consumers." That was the headline on Fortune magazine this past summer, and truer words were never spoken. Although the final results aren't in yet, by mid-year Fortune was already projecting …
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Watchdog finds inefficiencies in US airline oversight
A watchdog for the Department of Transportation is questioning the efficiency of the Federal Aviation Administration's oversight of U.S. airlines. The department's inspector general said in a report released last week that FAA reforms enacted by …
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Airline Profit Margins Soar Despite Revenue Challenges
By Tom Stalnaker, Partner. Thanks to cost reductions led by the decline of energy prices, industry consolidation, and capacity discipline, the U.S. airline industry is enjoying operating margins above 15 percent. That's a strong margin for any industry …
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The Airlines Competing in What Could Be 0 Billion Islamic Travel Market
The airline, which doesn't serve alcohol, offers halal food and requires Muslim female cabin crew to cover their heads, services five domestic destinations and has plans to fly overseas by 2017, said Managing Director Jaafar Zamhari. It may seek loans …
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No love for Frontier Airlines' frequent-flier program
DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL – If you're a veteran frequent flier of airlines serving Denver International Airport, you're probably not too fond of Frontier Airlines' frequent-flier program. But if you don't fly very much, you don't dislike the program as much.

New European airline lobby group wants EU airport fees cut
Airlines for Europe, or A4E, founded by IAG, Air France-KLM, easyJet, Lufthansa and Ryanair, said a new study showed that charges at the largest 21 European airports have risen 80 percent since 2005, with a 90 percent increase at the 10 biggest.
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IndiGo airline forced to remove Mumbai-bound drunk passenger from flight
The shocking incident is alleged to have happened on an IndiGo Airlines flight en-route from Delhi to Kolkata in India. After the woman began shouting at the man next to her, the pilot took the decision to make sure the passengers were separated. On …
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Airline shock: Norwegian refuse to board orchestra violinist
About 2 hours ago, I was refused to board flight DY 3160 from Copenhagen to Helsinki, because I would not agree to put my violin in cargo. I'm a professional violinist, and was travelling with my instrument valued at EUR 200,000. At check-in, the …
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