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Brother Of OC Graduate On Board MH 370 Suing Airline
Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared two years ago and still has not been found. The airline is now being sued by the brother of an American man on board. Oklahoma Christian graduate Philip Wood boarded Malaysian flight 370 in Beijing en route to …
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Airline Scams That People Actually Fall For: How to Avoid Them
The Better Business Bureau warns of a scam where letters are mailed to unsuspecting customers disguised as free tickets or vouchers from American Airlines or US Airways. These letters usually have no return address and ask you to call a toll-free …
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The Best and Worst Airlines of 2015

The Best and Worst Airlines of 2015
Customers have plenty of issues with airlines: how they shrink space while inflating fees, make upgrades harder, lose bags and strand passengers. But overall the industry is actually getting more reliable. It's canceling fewer flights, staying on …
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Airline profits are soaring, so why is it still so expensive to fly?
In just the first three quarters of 2015, U.S. airlines made almost $ 18 billion in profit. During that time, they were on pace to pass 2014's record of $ 3.5 billion in baggage fees, their planes flew 85% full, and the steep drop in fuel prices had the …
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