World Health Organization Declares Zika Virus “Emergency”: Which Airlines

World Health Organization Declares Zika Virus “Emergency”: Which Airlines
The World Health Organization officially declared the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne illness that has been linked to birth defects in thousands of babies, an International Health Emergency. The New York Times reports that the WHO bestowed the distinction …
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The terrible events that came to light after Operation Bullfinch were well documented.
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The council and the police asked if one of the hoteliers would be willing to join a committee to prevent this weather.

If someone had been working in Oxford hotels for twenty years, I thought that it could be a good opportunity to help establish good practice procedures that can be used in all hotels big and small throughout the city.
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The attack on concertgoers in Las Vegas can lead to a shift in security practices in outbreaks and hotels, experts reported Monday, as law enforcement still determines the details of the fatal incident.

American Airlines posts record profit for 4Q, all of 2015
FORT WORTH — American Airlines reported a record profit for the fourth quarter and all of 2015 as a sharp drop in fuel prices more than offset lower revenue. The world's biggest airline said Friday that its earnings were the highest ever for any carrier.
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United Airlines Will Fly Nonstop to Singapore

United Airlines Will Fly Nonstop to Singapore
These were the two longest airline routes in the world. Singapore Airlines operated both flights using a special fleet of A340-500s in an all-business class configuration with 100 seats. However, the airline canceled both routes in 2013. Demand was …
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Airline sells individual seat tickets for 'haunted' dolls
But a Thai Airline is not only selling individual seats for dolls, but is serving them drinks and a meal too. The low-cost Thai Smile Airways–a subsidiary of Thai Airways– is offering child-fares for dolls known as Look Thep, which translates to …
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What are the world's safest airlines for 2016?

What are the world's safest airlines for 2016?
(CNN) It's the annual announcement every nervous flier awaits with interest:'s safest airline award. This year the aviation analysts have named 20 leading carriers as the world's best at ensuring passenger protection. And, for the …
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Controller Shortage To Increase Airline Costs, Delays, Fares
An air traffic control shortage has reached critical levels with staffing at its lowest level in 27 years. A Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General concludes shortages will increase delays and FAA does not have the systems in place …
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Why You Can Safely Ignore Airline Safety Rankings
Travel websites were abuzz this month with the latest safety ranking from Airline Ratings, an industry data provider. Australian flag-carrier Qantas was crowned the safest airline in the world for the third year in a row, while other big names like …
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Libya Airline staff threaten strike – at least in western Libya
In January 2014, Libyan Airlines announced it would transfer its administrative headquarters to Benghazi, where the airline was first based after it was founded in 1964. The transfer started to take effect in the summer of the same year but with the …
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Why airlines can bump Andie MacDowell from her seat — and you, too

Why airlines can bump Andie MacDowell from her seat — and you, too
Actress Andie MacDowell sparked a debate on social media after she tweeted Friday that the airline had put her in "tourist" class. (AP). It's in their contracts of carriage: When you buy airfare, airlines do not “guarantee” a particular seat, schedule …
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Iconic Alaska Airlines Eskimo now has a bigger smile: Airline reveals new design
This new look is the first major brand tweak for the SeaTac-based airline in 25 years. The changes are subtle, but clear. The newly painted Boeing 737-800 was revealed to a crowd of almost 2,000 gawking employees in Seattle Monday afternoon. The plane …
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The Best and Worst Airlines of 2015

The Best and Worst Airlines of 2015
Customers have plenty of issues with airlines: how they shrink space while inflating fees, make upgrades harder, lose bags and strand passengers. But overall the industry is actually getting more reliable. It's canceling fewer flights, staying on …
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Airline profits are soaring, so why is it still so expensive to fly?
In just the first three quarters of 2015, U.S. airlines made almost $ 18 billion in profit. During that time, they were on pace to pass 2014's record of $ 3.5 billion in baggage fees, their planes flew 85% full, and the steep drop in fuel prices had the …
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