You Know You Are From Lima

Just where is Lima, Ohio? Lima is located in the northwestern part of Ohio along Interstate 75, approximately 72 miles north of Dayton and 78 miles south-southwest of Toledo. Lima is actually at the intersection of State Route 309 (the original Lincoln Highway) and Interstate 75, which replaced U.S. Route 25, one of the routes of the Dixie Highway.

Lima, Ohio; actually has a population of about 40,081 according the the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau.

Anyone from Lima says that it stands for Lost In Middle America…”LIMA”. There was actually a documentary that was made about Lima, and it was titled Lost In Middle America (and What Happened Next).

There are a lot of famous people that have come from Lima some of which are Phyllis Diller, Hugh Downs, and Al Snow. There are many, many others also. I have always thought of what a small place Lima was and I never really realized how many famous people have come from “my little town.”

There are a lot of great places that are located in Lima, Ohio, that I have since come to miss since I have made a move to another state. Who would have thought that I would miss something like Fat Jack’s (they have the best pizza around) or Kewpee (which is where everyone says that Dave Thomas got his idea for Wendy’s). There are many others.

A mascot and I laugh at this considering that the mascot is a great bit giant Lima Bean whose name is “Beenie.”