Charley's Grilled Subs Franchise Review

During a family vacation, Charley missed the right exit which brought him to South Philly. He sampled a Philly Cheese steak, and it was love at first bite. He couldn't forget the taste, so he brought the recipe back home to Columbus, Ohio and began testing his own improvements on the recipes on his college buddies.

Seeing his enthusiasm and motivation, his mother lent her life savings to him so that he could open the first Charley's on the Ohio State University campus. It was a 450 square foot, 16 seat restaurant featuring Philly Steak Subs, Gourmet Fries and Natural Lemonade. It was a hit!

1991 marked the beginning of Charley's franchising. Then kiosks began sprouting all over the world form malls to Army & Air Force Bases. This award-winning taste of Charley's Grilled Subs can now be enjoyed in hundreds of locations, from Ohio to Hawaii from Alaska to Japan and elsewhere.

Opening a franchise is a wonderful opportunity and the know a franchisees passion. It's the same one that brought success to Charley's. From that first restaurant in Columbus, Ohio it has grown into a network that spans the globe. They have built a base of knowledge, experience and resources over 23 years and they wish to extend this to their franchise partners. From location selection to day-to-day marketing activities, they'll do everything they can to make your business a success.

To be a franchisee, you have to submit an application. For your convenience, you can log-in to their site and fill up a form. If you want to submit a paper version of the application, you can request a Franchise Information Packet that you'll see on the website.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you'll get a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document contains highly pertinent information regarding Charley's background and their franchise business program, which you need to sign. After your application has been processed, the Director of New Business Development for your place will arrange a personal meeting with you. This meeting will not only provide you with the opportunity to have your questions answered, but also aid us in deciding whether you qualify for approval as a franchisee.

After an endorsement from the Director, you will be invited to visit our corporate office in Columbus, Ohio. During this visit you will participate in a two day program where you will receive a more in-depth introduction to the company. At last the franchise agreement is signed franchisee fee is submitted.

One time cost of franchise is $ 24,500 and you need liquid assets ranging from $ 75,000 – $ 100,000. To get the advantage of third-party lending source for financing you need a minimum of a 700 credit score. Royalties are 6% of gross sales. National advertising is 0.25% of gross sales. Franchisees are required to spend 3% of gross sales locally promoting their restaurant.

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