Doggin 'Northeast Ohio's Ledges

Northeast Ohio is a place that doesn't off bubble to the top of lists of vacation hot spots but if you have an active trail dog, you'll want to consider it. The main attraction are "ledges," limestone that has weathered, eroded and cracked into massive jumbles of SUV-sized blocks. You are actually hiking on the […]

Life and Livelihood in Middletown, Ohio

Middletown is based in the southwestern segment of Ohio in Butler shire. Middletown is well known for being the headquarters of AK Steel Holding Corporation a leading steel works founded in 1900. It later transferred to West Chester Township, Ohio in 2007. There is a small airport in Middletown called Hook Field, (airport code MWO), […]

It's Fall Festival Time In Ohio

Ohio Fall Festivals With the approach of fall, there are many fairs and festivals around the state of Ohio. Please find a listing of some of the most popular events around the state that take place in September or October. This list is only a sample of the hundreds of events that take place each […]