Crypto News

According to Jesse Powell Kraken – exchange rate of the US cryptocurrency, bitcoin ratios constantly fill the US reserve pool to open long positions. In an interview with Tech, the CEO told Youtuber Ivan that the number of traders who believe that the price of bitcoin is higher is higher than that of those who […]

You Know You Are From Lima

Just where is Lima, Ohio? Lima is located in the northwestern part of Ohio along Interstate 75, approximately 72 miles north of Dayton and 78 miles south-southwest of Toledo. Lima is actually at the intersection of State Route 309 (the original Lincoln Highway) and Interstate 75, which replaced U.S. Route 25, one of the routes […]

Christmas With The Old Order Amish Community

The simple lifestyle of The Old Order Amish fascinates most of the outside world, people from all over travel to Pennsylvania and Ohio to catch just a glimpse of the Amish lifestyle and to purchase the handmade crafts and bake goods. Have you ever wondered what the holidays, such as Christmas, would be like in […]

The Wright Brothers Trail in Dayton, Ohio

Wilbur Wright, born in 1867, and Orville Wright, born four yeas later in 1871, had been two of five children and would ultimately be credited with invention of the airplane. Although their predecessors, among them Sir George Cayley, Jean-Marie Le Brie, Clement Ader, Otto Lillienthal, Octave Chanute, and Samuel Pierpoint Langley, had attempted to conquer […]

Doggin 'Northeast Ohio's Ledges

Northeast Ohio is a place that doesn't off bubble to the top of lists of vacation hot spots but if you have an active trail dog, you'll want to consider it. The main attraction are "ledges," limestone that has weathered, eroded and cracked into massive jumbles of SUV-sized blocks. You are actually hiking on the […]

Life and Livelihood in Middletown, Ohio

Middletown is based in the southwestern segment of Ohio in Butler shire. Middletown is well known for being the headquarters of AK Steel Holding Corporation a leading steel works founded in 1900. It later transferred to West Chester Township, Ohio in 2007. There is a small airport in Middletown called Hook Field, (airport code MWO), […]