Trivia Questions on Spring Training Baseball in Florida

Spring training baseball is an important part of life in Florida and Arizona during the waning days of winter. Although spring training games have been going on almost as long as there have been professional baseball, these games have taken on more interest every year. Possibly because there are more retirees living in Arizona and […]

Employee Handbook For Budget Suites Hotels

Traveling is a great activity that not only helps us to visit the different parts of the world but also gives us a chance to explore hidden lands and to know about different cultures and traditions followed by the people all around the world. So, even if you are on a budget trip you do […]

UFC Guru Ricardo Pires Leads With His Chin in Ohio

Q: What does it take to get a successful UFC trainer to leave Vegas for Cleveland? A: The weather. It's not a knock-knock joke. While Ohioans shiver wearing Uggs knock-offs and martyred expressions, Ricardo Pires is probably somewhere taking off his sweater. "People think it's weird," says the Rio de Janeiro native. "But I like […]

Popcorn Capitals of the World

There are at least 6 towns or cities in the United States that have claimed the title "Popcorn Capital of the World". Some of these localities tie this claim to fame into an annual festival. It seems that people always like to have a reason to celebrate and popcorn is an all-American, fun, healthy item […]

Ohio Keno Results Shows and Events

The Keno lottery is a state wide lottery game played all over Ohio. Millions of people in Ohio are regularly participating in the game. That is why investors have been developing a lot of ways to attract and convince consumers to join the local Keno lottery. The Ohio keno results show has been established as […]

Lake Erie Islands Destinations – Put-In-Bay

If you ever have the chance, you must visit an island oasis which features old-fashioned ice cream shops, bicycles built for two, rolling hills with cascading grape vines, historical landmarks and some of the best lobster bisque on the planet. So where is this jewel of the landscape? Why Lake Erie, of course. Lake Erie […]

How to Contact Comic Book Artists and Writers

The first annual New York Comic-con brought out Milla Jovovich and was so successful, organizers almost had to shut it down. The second annual New York Comic-con was organized much better, even bringing out Steven King and Stan Lee to meet fans. Below are some more insider tips for contacting your favorite comic book artists […]

Charley's Grilled Subs Franchise Review

During a family vacation, Charley missed the right exit which brought him to South Philly. He sampled a Philly Cheese steak, and it was love at first bite. He couldn't forget the taste, so he brought the recipe back home to Columbus, Ohio and began testing his own improvements on the recipes on his college […]